Here’s to My New Blog!!!

Some things just move you to write!  Technology is one of those things…for me anyway!

Hello, everyone!

I’m Crystal Hernandez, and this is my first blog post on my new site:!  I had to title my blog so generally, because my ideas are always all over the place…as will be my posts.  However, if I must “categorize” this blog, I would say it would lean toward the “moms amazed by technology” category or even the “mom zone” category.

Anyhoo :-),  I plan to try to find interesting topics to talk about across the web and just about life as a whole – and then, apply my own thoughts and twists to them!

Today’s topic:  Moms and blogs!

I’m a mom of four, and often, I’m pressed for time.  Although I’m a lover of both reading and writing, I rarely find time to do either – outside of school work.  Writing, however, has always, always been a huge stress reliever for me.  Whether it was writing my daily thoughts down in a journal or starting on the world’s next greatest novel, I could been often found scribbling away.  These days, my purse is overflowing with random things like, oh, maybe pacifiers, baby wipes, and pre-packaged corn puffs or apple slices in ZipLoc snack bags.  I’m extremely lucky if I can find a notebook or a notepad in there, and trust me, a pen or pencil on a random day would be a God send!  🙂

One thing that is always near and dear, however, is my cell phone.  I have to have it.  I need to be able to text my kids’ teachers at all times.  I need to be able to google whatever random things pop up throughout my day of “Mom-dom,” and guess what?  I am able to WRITE on it!  I have an iPhone 6s (in Rose Gold), and it is awesome.  Not only is the Notes app lovely, but the actual Microsoft Word app is also great!

I’m here to tell you, my readers, that yes, we, moms, DO have a voice.  I will give my thoughts a concrete place here.

Enjoy!   Talk to you soon!


-Crystal Hernandez


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