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Hello, everyone!


When it comes to writers, the internet and the advancement of technology has definitely been a blessing! Where else would you be able to reach audiences from several different continents at the same exact time (hypothetically)? Sure, an author can be famous internationally, and yes, there is a chance (a very small one) that readers across the world could be tuned into or attending a book reading from an author’s debut novel at the same exact time. This could happen. But, wouldn’t it be more likely to happen if, say, the author was reading to his or her fans via Facebook live after months of flooding his or her followers, friends, and fans advertising that very reading?

Technical operation of the net can be detrimental to the success of authors these days. Even this source I’m using now, blogging, is powerful. If it is interesting enough and if the right person or people see it, it could go viral. All of a sudden I have literally 1 million new fans and counting.

The internet is also making it easier for authors to self-publish. With agents like Create Space and useful apps like Fiverr, authors have affordable and realistic means of becoming a published writer. I’ve spent so many nights trying to figure out exactly how it is that one goes about self-publishing a book since this is a dream of mine. The info is definitely out there. Now, all I have to do is write. J


Until next time,


Crystal Hernandez



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