Posting #11

Hi, readers!


The amount of money to be made over the internet is ENDLESS. I think I posted another posting detailing how a single mom or a stay at home mom could be successful by being technologically savvy and making money from home. Well, I hope you all enjoyed that posting because this is about to be a “suped up” version of that article.

Don’t think it’s just a saying that technology is starting to make the world a little bit smaller. You can literally sit in your home in a comfy position on the couch while you scroll up and down shopping from discounted products from China! A lot of “normal” people from up and coming fashion designers to cell phone case vendors are using this method to open lucrative businesses – and yes, the entire process can be done right from the comfort of their own home.

Let’s just pretend I wanted to sell cell phone cases for a living. I could order in bulk, or even start out ordering a very small collection of cell phone cases from or Sure, I could open a kiosk in a mall and sale my product, but I could also just sale my product from a website like, where a business owner or person looking to become a business owner, can create a website for selling their goods.

Trust me, it gets even better! There are all kinds of cool sites, like Pinterest, that gives you business ideas and inspirations. What is your niche? Don’t miss out on starting your own business and using technology to do it. It is definitely achievable!


-Crystal Hernandez

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