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When we get married, we never, ever think that divorce may happen one day. Sure some stars and other rich people get pre-nups to protect their individual assets, but for the most part, when we fall in love and get married, that’s it. Unfortunately, not all unions last forever. It’s always sad when marriages end. After all, this means families are torn apart, and all parties, the kids included, have to try to find a new norm and how to get through life without the “normal” family structure.

For some divorce can be so hard that it may become depressing. It’s always good to have someone to talk to when going through something like this. Therapy may even be necessary for some or all parties involved. What if a person is not in the position to afford professional help or doesn’t have anyone they feel comfortable enough with to discuss what they are going through? We must remember that often, the person’s spouse has always been their “go to” person when they had hard situations to deal with or get through. So, where does this person turn. You guys may think I’m crazy, but my answer for this is: the internet.

Did you all know that there are several forums where future divorcees who are in the thick of one of the most hurtful places in life can go for support. On these forums, a person can talk about anything they want to, and to make it even better, they are speaking to someone who is completely unbiased about the situation since they know nothing about it, and it’s often a person that can relate to his or her situation. A great forum for those having serious relationship problems or going through or divorce or that have even recently been divorced is Here, a person can talk freely about their issues, and most of all, have someone to listen to them during their time of need.

Divorce is hard. It’s like a death in the family, because it is truly the death of a family. With strength, prayer, and even a little online support, you can find your way and find your new norm!


-Crystal Hernandez


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