Posting #15

Hi, my readers!


This blog journey with you all has been so fun and enlightening. I’ve realized that it’s inevitable; I’m a writer. Writing runs through my veins. Just sharing some of my thoughts with you all has been liberating for me in so many ways. I also enjoy reading others’ blogs and thoughts. I think this is the type of thing that makes the world go around – expressing ourselves, communicating with one another. But, when does it become, or does it ever become, harmful to depend on communication and interaction via cyberspace?

I think it’s easy to get used to the validity of communication from blogging or social networking. Who doesn’t like to get a million likes on something, or who doesn’t feel excited when you get comments on something you wrote from people you don’t even know? To learn that people think your thoughts are good or cool can be motivating. I do think we must keep a healthy view of these types of gratifications, however. Don’t become overly obsessed with what people think. It’s always important to remain true to your own expression and your own passion as a writer or blogger, regardless of how many “likes” you may get or may not get.

I started this particular blog due to an assignment for one of my graduate English courses. I am thankful to have had this experience, and I know this will not be the last time that I use the web as a platform to express my inner artistry – no matter how random! I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did!


Until the next platform,


Crystal Hernandez






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