Posting #2 :-)

Hello, you all! I hope you all are enjoying my blog thus far! I think I named it perfect as it really is just my humble thoughts! :-). I do think a little bit of everyone will be able to find it enjoyable, as I think it is a little entertaining as well as educational and informative. True enough the target audience may seem to be just mothers, but guess what??? EVERYONE has a mom! That said, whether you’re a man looking to grab some tips for his wife, mom, or daughter who’s a mom, or you are a stay-at-home mother of 12, I hope this is informative for you!


Today’s my thoughts are leaning towards fitness and getting healthy after I have my baby! I’m due September 24th. This is my fifth child, and in not really considered to be a spring chicken anymore! :-). I’m 32 years old so I’m so anxious the whole time I’m carrying this baby, wondering what the process is going to be like trying to get back into shape and back healthy after giving birth.


Thanks to the Internet, I have found some excellent sources. All over the place I see motivation from YouTubers who have filmed their weight loss journeys (some postpartum, some not). It’s kind of like America has went into this fitness craze…really, the whole world. But, I’m proud of us, as a country, because I do think we are one of the more overweight, unhealthy countries in the world.


Anyhow, after much research, I’ve come up with a fool proof plan, all from Internet ideas, about how I plan to lose my weight and get my body in tip top condition after my baby is born:


I will formulate an exercise routine, in which I fully dedicate myself to.


I will stick to a no meat, fruit, veggie and sea food diet, as to get my body in a healthier condition.


I’m actually considering some of the tea detoxes (they seem to really work).


I plan to also try Herbal Life, which is actually an entire lifestyle stemming from Internet use and popularity.


I plan to document my weight loss and share my story with other mommies and people looking to keep in shape…look out for my YouTube channel!


I plan to never give up!


That’s all for now, readers! I hope I shared something interesting. Here are a few links to some of the inspiration I’ve found thus far! Enjoy. See ya next time!


-Crystal Hernandez


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