Posting #3 :-D

Hi, there all!


Today my thoughts are again sort of random, but I promise that by the time this post is over, you’ll understand my direction. :-). As always, I hope it is informative and helpful.


Okay: I’m stoked at the idea of online schooling for stay-at-home moms and others who are domestic workers. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of attending both a brick and mortar university and an online university. There are perks to both; I had a blast at undergrad, straight out of high school, and my time actually finishing that degree at an online university was also fulfilling – just in different ways.


To be honest, I’m extremely thankful for the technological advances that have been made so that untraditional students, suck as moms like me, are able to finish their education. Think about it: what’s the odds of a mom being able to actually go inside the classroom? Daycare expenses are through the roof, and the thought of packing all the kids up, dropping them off, making it to class, actually learning and then trying to work my class schedule around when the kids are done at daycare and school is more than enough for me to pull my hair out! Ahhhhhhhh!!! 🙂


Online learning is a God-send to us moms and domestic people. Many renowned universities are moving toward making at least some of their programs entirely online. I guess they see a benefit in being able to appealing to all types of students. Maybe this will change the stereotype that online degrees are not as reputable as the traditional doubt. I say this to that stereotype: I can almost guarantee you that the majority of people with “traditional” degrees may reconsider their viewpoint on online degrees if they’d actually taken that route to achieve one. It’s not easy, and it’s just as fulfilling.


There you have it, moms and other readers – there is hope for us. The Internet saves the day again!


Here are a few of my favorite online universities or universities that have programs online:



-Crystal Hernandez


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