Posting #4

Hi, there to all of you! Today, I feel a bit liberated in being able to just come here, express my thoughts, and actually have people tune in to listen. I hope you all are enjoying my posts.


My mind is on a very touchy (well, for some) topic today: HOMESCHOOLING! Don’t get me wrong: homeschooling has been going on for years…even as far back as medieval times – especially for female students. However, when we think of homeschooling today, what do we think parents’ and guardians’ biggest ally would be? You got it – the Internet!


Homeschooling is not as popular as just sending your kids off to school so naturally, the homeschooling community is often very small and tight knit. I have a family friend who homeschooled / is homeschooling her nine children so I have some insight on this topic. I’ve wanted to keep my kids home and homeschool them, but their dad has always been against for his own reasons. Our compromise? I get to keep them home until they are five and ready for kindergarten or grade school. This has been fair enough for me, as I am proud to say that I, Crystal Hernandez, mother of 4.5, have given my children the foundation of their educations.


How does the Internet tie into this? Pay attention: I can’t count the ways! From to the numerous alphabet and numerical kiddie sings on YouTube (the latter is completely free), I’ve found the net to be an unlimited source of help to me jumpstart my children’s learning. Another big help from from the net has been apps. There are actually apps you can download on a tablet that allows your child to finger trace letters. If they trace them right, they go to the next screen, but if they trace wrong, they go through another instructional screen to show them what they did wrong. At first, this requires much supervision, but sooner or later, they’re playing it without your help at all.


In this day and age, I think it’s important for mothers to utilize every avenue we have to make our loads just a wee bit lighter. It just so happens that the Internet provides several avenues to help. Just say that I’m here to share a few of them with you!


Bye, until next time!


-Crystal Hernandez



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