Posting #5 ;-)

Today’s topic is one similar to my last topic: it’s about children, parents, education, and the internet – with a twist. Okay, last post I talked you guys’ heads off about homeschooling our little ones and how the Internet could help us out with this task. Well, let me ask you all a question: what’s next after we’ve educated these kids and they’re on their ways off to college? Is there anyway that the World Wide Web could help us to parent these adults who’ll always be our babies or are we just put gas and out of luck at this point?


Guess what? This mom says, “YES, THERE’s A WAY!” Sorry about the yelling, but I’m excited to share my perspective on this topic. In this day and age, we all know the Internet is so resourceful, so reliable and so helpful. In this particular situation I can think of at least three ways, just off the top of my head, that we can use the Internet to help us “parent” our prides and joys as we send them off into the world to study to become the best generation of doctors, lawyers, and teachers: Facebook, Skype, Oovoo and even FaceTime.


Okay, I know that social media can sometimes have a bad reputation or that it can seem like a false sense of reality, but it can also be a helpful tool as we try to stay in tune with our young college students. Loose monitoring of your child’s Facebook page can reveal so much! You can get an idea of who they’re hanging out with, what they’re spending their time doing and even how they’re feeling. What if we saw our young scholar post: Can’t take this…so overwhelmed, after maybe not posting for a few days? This can be a warning sign that maybe it’s time to pack up the family SUV and a home cooked meal to go see our baby! A lot of times, no matter how close you may be to your child, they may not tell you everything – but they may post it online. This doesn’t mean freak out every time your son or daughter posts something a little strange. It’s just a good way of staying in the loop.


FaceTime can be a Godsend after a long weekend and you’re just wondering did he or she make it home after those big fraternity parties. So what if her make up is all smeared or he seems just a bit groggy? At least you’re making visual contact of your child who may be miles away!


Due to the Internet, we definitely have more avenues of keeping touch with, motivating, and just communicating with our children once they’ve left the nest, spread their wings and flown off to their dream college.


Maybe I’m a little overprotective or perhaps I’m having anxiety due to my 14 year old entering high school, but hey, these are my thoughts for the week! Hope you enjoyed! Until next time, be sweet and hug your loved ones!

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