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Hello, everyone!


I hope you’re ready for what’s in store today! My thoughts lead to a place that I think everyone will be interested in with our economy the way it is today: money! Who doesn’t like to make an extra buck. Things have been extremely tight in my household. These days, it seems like it takes two to make it and be comfortable while making it. Back in the days, being a stay at home mom was the norm; men would go out, work all day and bring home the bacon! These days, mommies are strapping up their heels and leaving out, sometimes before dad, to go do what she has to do to help provide for the family.


How does this affect moms with multiple kids or moms that are just opposed to putting their kids in daycare at all? Personally, I have two babies 2 and under with one on the way. Actually getting out of the house and going into a workplace is just not ideal for me. My babies are just too small, and plus, by the time I’m done paying daycare, there would be no reason for me to work (unless I’m making $50,000+). What do mommies, or other people who are not ideal for the traditional workplace do? What if you’re a single mom with multiple kids? Well, my readers, I do think I have an answer! You’ve guessed it – we look to the Internet!


I know, I know, I make the Internet seem as though it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but we can see that it is surely a useful tool. One good thing about the Internet is that it makes making money from home an actual reality. That’s right – sigh of relief, moms. We no longer have to feel guilty if ends aren’t meeting or if we can’t put our daughters in that dance class or our sons in that karate class! This is something that can definitely be empowering to moms and anyone in a position where their only realistic form of working would be done from home.


This article,, is a great place to start for research! I mean, it’s just full of information…thank me later! 🙂


My dream position, after I’m done with my MA in English is to be an adjunct English professor for a college and teach a few evening courses and a few online courses. This would fit really well in my life style, and I’m definitely working towards this goal. The Internet definitely gives us more choices and can be very helpful, even lucrative, if utilized correctly!


So surf away and find your next pay day! Hope you enjoyed!


-Crystal Hernandez


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