Posting #7 :-)

Hi, readers!


Okay, this topic may seem a little weird, but I had to follow my gut! I must admit, I get a little nervous wondering what you readers think of my topic, but you were warned that these are my thoughts from the very beginning. :-). Just joking, but I do hope that you readers are finding relevancy within these posts. I think that some of these topics are cool (maybe a little weird, but cool). Back to the topic: today’s topic is on using the school’s online library.


Yes, I know this is one of my more weird topics, but I have to confess – when I first began taking college courses online, I had to definitely get used to using the library online. I’ve always enjoyed going to the library. I love the smell of books. So if there is one thing I would have to choose that is less enjoyable for me being an online college student rather than a traditional college student, I would have to say it is the cyber visits to the library, as opposed to a traditional visit. My first online library experience was when I was finishing my BA in English at Ashford University. Of course being an English major, I had to write at least one major paper per course. I remember thinking to myself: okay, so how do I do my research? I was introduced (not formerly) to the school library online.


When I say I wasn’t formerly introduced, I mean that the professor didn’t say, “Okay, students, use the online library for research and here’s how you do it.” Nobody held my hand through that process, and of course, I was too shy to ask. I was too afraid to fee or look dumb. I know they say there is no such thing as a stupid question, but I wasn’t taking any risks. So what did I do? I got my mouse and wiggled my way around my classroom and school site until I found the library. I got familiar with it, and today, it is one of my best friends!


Everything about the school online library, from my experience at Ashford as well as NSULA, is pretty much self-explanatory after playing with it a while. It has literally thousands of sources that can help with researching whatever topic you need. It even has this cool tool where it cites the source for you in multiple different formats. I’ve found his to be extremely helpful. Yes, I still miss the smell of books, even though I do occasionally visit the public library for pleasure, but I have found a newfound love for the online school library.


I wonder if students who go to the universities on campus are utilizing the online library or the traditional library more.


Hope my experience helps someone or makes you laugh at least!


-Crystal Hernandez

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