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Hello everyone!


In today’s world, technology is so advanced. We can do just about anything on the internet. From dating to video chatting with someone an entire ocean away, the opportunities the world wide web and laptops, tablets and our cell phones give us seem to be boundless. How do we keep up? Should we keep up? In a world where you can read the daily news and check the forecast (for almost anywhere in the world) on your smart phone, the answer to these questions seem extremely obvious: YES. And, yes, it’s “YES” – in all caps.

Not becoming technically savvy in today’s world closes you off from what may seem as an entire realm. Let’s all admit it: the pen and paper are basically dead – not to be resurrected nor revived except in case of a God-forbidden power outage from the depths of hell, where, gasp, nobody’s phones, devices or Wi-Fi is working. When we ask someone for their phone numbers, what do we do? We have our phones ready to store their info. We don’t memorize phone numbers anymore, and we certainly don’t write them down on pencil and paper. These days, going into a place of business that happens to be hiring really does you no good. Yeah, you may want to physically show them your potential by giving them the opportunity to actually be able to place a name with a face or a personality while they are reading over your resume’. Reality is that nine times of then, your potential employer will hit you with the: you can apply online.

I know it seems as if I’m just bashing this new technological movement. However, this is not the case. I’m just stating why it is imperative to not only be aware of this movement, but to also be a part of it. How will you use this new way of life to your advantage? Will you get with the times or be stuck behind? I’m pro-technology, but I will never forget the old days. I guess you can say that I’m prepared for that dreadful, inevitable power outage! J


Until next time,


Crystal Hernandez



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