Posting #9 ;-D

Hi, readers!


Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to read books online? Sorry, I haven’t really adapted to buying a book off of Amazon and clicking away as I read the pages. I love books, actual books. I love the smell of the library, and I’m more than positive that I will always, always prefer actual books rather than virtual books.

I know I’m sort of different on this belief, however, since a lot of the world is using Nooks, electronic devices made for downloading books to read, I’m obviously in the minority. I’ve literally never read an entire novel, or any other book for that matter, on an electronic device. My 14-year old daughter just so happens to own a Nook on which she reads a lot, and she also downloads books to her iPad. I do support her in her decision to read this way. After all, at least she is still reading. However, I still take her to the library and purchase physical books for her.

I do understand the pros of being able to read full books online. It’s economical and environmentally better as it saves trees and can save space in your home. Also, I have to admit that while I do not read novels for leisure online or on any electronic device, I do read plenty of newspaper articles, magazines, and of course, blogs, online. I think the accessibility factor is what motivates me to use the net for current events. It’s just so easy for me to go to to see what’s going on in the world or to surf the net until I’m on to check out the latest fashions.

I’ve had pretty positive experiences having texts books online during my collegiate career. Something still tells me that I’ll always prefer the actual book over the screen. In my world, there is nothing like curling up with a nice book. This is just so much more intimate than snuggling with a Nook. J Check out some e-books just to see if you like it or not. Just remember – the library isn’t going anywhere (I hope)!


-Crystal Hernandez



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