Posting #15

Hi, my readers!   This blog journey with you all has been so fun and enlightening. I’ve realized that it’s inevitable; I’m a writer. Writing runs through my veins. Just sharing some of my thoughts with you all has been liberating for me in so many ways. I also enjoy reading others’ blogs and thoughts. […]

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Posting #14

Hello, everyone!   I know by now everyone has heard about perhaps the greatest tool on the internet. On this site, you can have your own TV show, you can reach out to people continents away, and you can even make money. Yes, I’m talking about none other than YOUTUBE! I love YouTube! I do […]

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Posting #13

Hello, readers!   When we get married, we never, ever think that divorce may happen one day. Sure some stars and other rich people get pre-nups to protect their individual assets, but for the most part, when we fall in love and get married, that’s it. Unfortunately, not all unions last forever. It’s always sad […]

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Posting #12

Hello, everyone!   I think that one thing we can all agree on is that the internet has given boundless opportunities to parents – particularly mothers and their young children. I say this about this particular group of internet users because of websites like   Trust me, this site is amazing! It is the definition […]

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Posting #11

Hi, readers!   The amount of money to be made over the internet is ENDLESS. I think I posted another posting detailing how a single mom or a stay at home mom could be successful by being technologically savvy and making money from home. Well, I hope you all enjoyed that posting because this is […]

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Posting #10

Hello, everyone!   When it comes to writers, the internet and the advancement of technology has definitely been a blessing! Where else would you be able to reach audiences from several different continents at the same exact time (hypothetically)? Sure, an author can be famous internationally, and yes, there is a chance (a very small […]

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Posting #9 ;-D

Hi, readers!   Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to read books online? Sorry, I haven’t really adapted to buying a book off of Amazon and clicking away as I read the pages. I love books, actual books. I love the smell of the library, and I’m more than positive that I […]

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