Posting #8

Hello everyone!   In today’s world, technology is so advanced. We can do just about anything on the internet. From dating to video chatting with someone an entire ocean away, the opportunities the world wide web and laptops, tablets and our cell phones give us seem to be boundless. How do we keep up? Should […]

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Posting #7 :-)

Hi, readers!   Okay, this topic may seem a little weird, but I had to follow my gut! I must admit, I get a little nervous wondering what you readers think of my topic, but you were warned that these are my thoughts from the very beginning. :-). Just joking, but I do hope that […]

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Posting #6

Hello, everyone!   I hope you’re ready for what’s in store today! My thoughts lead to a place that I think everyone will be interested in with our economy the way it is today: money! Who doesn’t like to make an extra buck. Things have been extremely tight in my household. These days, it seems […]

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Posting #5 ;-)

Today’s topic is one similar to my last topic: it’s about children, parents, education, and the internet – with a twist. Okay, last post I talked you guys’ heads off about homeschooling our little ones and how the Internet could help us out with this task. Well, let me ask you all a question: what’s […]

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Posting #4

Hi, there to all of you! Today, I feel a bit liberated in being able to just come here, express my thoughts, and actually have people tune in to listen. I hope you all are enjoying my posts.   My mind is on a very touchy (well, for some) topic today: HOMESCHOOLING! Don’t get me […]

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Posting #3 :-D

Hi, there all!   Today my thoughts are again sort of random, but I promise that by the time this post is over, you’ll understand my direction. :-). As always, I hope it is informative and helpful.   Okay: I’m stoked at the idea of online schooling for stay-at-home moms and others who are domestic […]

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Posting #2 :-)

Hello, you all! I hope you all are enjoying my blog thus far! I think I named it perfect as it really is just my humble thoughts! :-). I do think a little bit of everyone will be able to find it enjoyable, as I think it is a little entertaining as well as educational […]

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